The missing piece to connect the Online impact and customer loyalty.

We are the only technology that provides points and personalize benefits for each purchase, but also for each impact you generate for your favorited companies through mentions, hashtags and Instagram locations.

Our unique algorithm makes everyone’s influence count. We connect Online impact with your consumption preferences and allow you to receive something in exchange for the extremely valuable content you are already creating for your favourite companies.


The real Social Media Revolution...

The Numu Community is made of those who do not believe in the Influencer Industry but still love when companies make them feel unique. We are the 99% of avid social media users who no longer respond to traditional ads and have become an online personalize marketing campaign with each post, tag and mention.

Numu users only share what they really like and think, and do not need fake followers or magic tips to make them look cooler than the rest.

Our system detects fake accounts and do not require a minimum number of followers, likes or engagement to benefit from our App.

Since 2018, we became the hope of all those who wished that their effort to recommend their favorite companies was considered, not matter how small or big it was.


An App not made for every company ...

Numu is Online Fashion and flagstores against old-school stores. We are the menu that surprises clients every day and the venues where every corner is the perfect place for a pic.

We are the beers you have on a rooftop. We are the nights starting after 12:00 pm, dancing your favourite songs and checking the stories the day after.

We are freedom, outdoor cinemas, escape rooms, sports and festivals.

Numu is adventures, friends and backpacking. We are those people familiarize with apps and scanning against clients with wallets full of paper cards.

We do not engage with companies that will not to save on costs, increase their recurring sales and benefit from our data insights from day one, since our revenue source is never upfront.

NumuNetwork is community, democratizing influence and forward thinking. We are not just another app, but the Business owners of the future confronting the past together.

And hundreds more brands!

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